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Converter offers architects, engineers and lighting designers with the ability to have uplighting, downlighting or any combination in between with motorized reflectors, independent or synchronized CCT tunning from 2700K-5000K and 0-100% dimming with an integrated 48V DC constant voltage driver all controlled within a simple application for android devices. 

Converter is a cable mount fixture with application possibilities in the medical, higher education, hospitality, and corporate building sectors as well as the residential market.

Additional Details

Patent #US10,655,834 B1

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  • Positionable aluminum side panels for lighting up, down, and anything between.

  • App controlled, motorized side panel articulation

    • Light intensity control: 0 – 100%
    • Color temperature control: 2700K – 5000K
    • Dim to warm control: synchronizes intensity and temperature controls
    • Side panel position control: 55º – 0º – 60º
  • Side panel dimensions: 37.625 (956mm) long x 3.75 (95mm) wide



Side panels – exterior:

  • RAL1023 – Yellow
  • RAL2003 – Orange
  • RAL3001 – Red
  • RAL5005 – Blue 
  • RAL6032 – Green
  • RAL9006 – Anodized Silver

Side panels – interior: RAL9003 – Matte White

Fixture body: RAL9006 – Anodized Silver


Integrated 48V DC Constant Voltage driver


Cable suspended from surface mounted canopy.


Acrylic side panels available.


  • Multi-Fixture Grouping with the ability to address individual
    fixture functionality
  • 2700K – 5000K tunable 42W LED
    • (55° @3500K) 2650 lumens, 64.13 lm/W, 80+ CRI
    • (0° @3500K) 2374 lumens, 57.44 lm/W, 80+ CRI
    • (60° @3500K) 2657 lumens, 64.20 lm/W, 80+ CRI
Downlight Position (55° @3500K)
Uplighting + Downlighting (Neutral position 0° @ 3500K)
Uplighting Position (60° @ 3500K)

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