Linears® Recessed Trimmed


Modular Multiples® Linears® Series, two 12 watt LED modules, 2700ºK, aluminum housing, drivers/ transformers incorporated, rectangular aperture, trimmed, Lutron Athena Wireless Node-white configuration shown. Other configurations available.

Made to your specifications!

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  • Light sources spaced 6″ (152mm) on center or greater.
  • Light source size determines minimum width, maximum length is unrestricted.
  • Optional extendable yokes increase flexibility of the light source orientation.
  • Available in symmetric and asymmetric configurations.
  • Uses all LED modules and light sources.


  • Extruded aluminum profile with a series of internal steel plates – single lengths up to 10’ (3m).
  • Connection hardware available for joining multiple pieces to make longer continual lengths.
  • Available with extruded aluminum trim, trimless housing with spackle flange, or flangeless.
  • 90° and 45° corner sections available. Consult factory for custom angles and shapes.
  • Consult factory for details about integration of HVAC, speakers, sprinklers, sensors, cameras, etc.


  • Housing and ring sets powder coated.
  • White, black or aluminum standard.
  • Custom colors available.


  • One driver/transformer incorporated per light source for multi-circuit wiring.
  • Phase, 0-10V, DALI-2, and DMX dimming options available. Consult factory for driver options.
  • 120/277V available.
  • Listed to UL1598 standards.


  • Fixture is designed to be supported from above with 3/8” (9mm) all-thread rods.
  • Access plates for all thread attachment are positioned throughout the fixture body based on fixture length and light source spacing allowing for access from below.
  • In addition to the all thread rods, the Trimless models have a spackle flange that will allow for fixture to be secured to surrounding ceiling or wall structure via screws and flange covered with spackling compound for a smooth finished appearance.


  • Patented aluminum ring sets and locking devices.
  • Pull down yokes.
  • Filter rings and shielding cylinders.
  • Filter media: up to two 1/8″ (3mm) thick filter per light source.
  • Lutron Athena Wireless Node (white or black finish available).

Light Sources

Standard 579e LED Modules

LED-507-20 (7w, 20º, 90+CRI, 798 lm, 114 lm/w)
LED-507-30 (7w, 30º, 90+CRI, 758 lm, 108 lm/w)
LED-507-40 (7w, 40º, 90+CRI, 761 lm, 109 lm/w)

LED-508-20 (8w, 20º, 90+CRI, 1,060 lm, 133 lm/w)
LED-508-30 (8w, 30º, 90+CRI, 988 lm, 124 lm/w)
LED-508-4 (8w, 40º, 90+CRI, 1,001 lm, 125 lm/w)

LED-510-20 (10w, 20º, 90+CRI, 1,245 lm, 125 lm/w)
LED-510-30 (10w, 30º, 90+CRI, 1,177 lm, 118 lm/w)
LED-510-40 (10w, 40º, 90+CRI, 1,189 lm, 119 lm/w)

LED-511-20 (11w, 20º, 90+CRI, 1,362 lm, 124 lm/w)
LED-511-30 (11w, 30º, 90+CRI, 1,289 lm, 117 lm/w)
LED-511-40 (11w, 40º, 90+CRI, 1,309 lm, 119 lm/w)

LED-512-20 (12w, 20º, 90+CRI, 1,458 lm, 122 lm/w)
LED-512-30 (12w, 30º, 90+CRI, 1,385 lm, 115 lm/w)
LED-512-40 (12w, 40º, 90+CRI, 1,407 lm, 117 lm/w)

LED-712-20 (12w, 20º, 90+CRI, 1,591 lm, 133 lm/w)
LED-712-30 (12w, 30º, 90+CRI, 1,580 lm, 132 lm/w)
LED-712-40 (12w, 40º, 90+CRI, 1,513 lm, 126 lm/w)
LED-712-55 (12w, 55º, 90+CRI, 1,557 lm, 130 lm/w)

LED-714-2 (14w, 20º, 90+CRI, 1,885 lm, 135 lm/w)
LED-714-3 (14w, 30º, 90+CRI, 1,858 lm, 133 lm/w)
LED-714-4 (14w, 40º, 90+CRI, 1,780 lm, 127 lm/w)
LED-714-5 (14w, 55º, 90+CRI, 1,834 lm, 131 lm/w)

LED-716-2 (16w, 20º, 90+CRI, 2,203 lm, 138 lm/w)
LED-716-3 (16w, 30º, 90+CRI, 2,174 lm, 136 lm/w)
LED-716-4 (16w, 40º, 90+CRI, 2,080 lm, 130 lm/w)
LED-716-5 (16w, 55º, 90+CRI, 2,149 lm, 134 lm/w)

LED-720-20 (20w, 20º, 90+CRI, 2,650 lm, 133 lm/w)
LED-720-30 (20w, 30º, 90+CRI, 2,583 lm, 129 lm/w)
LED-720-40 (20w, 40º, 90+CRI, 2,462 lm, 123 lm/w)
LED-720-55 (20w, 55º, 90+CRI, 2,554 lm, 128 lm/w)

LED-920-35 (20w, 35°, 90+CRI, 3,028 lm, 151 lm/w)
LED-920-45 (20w, 45°, 90+CRI, 2,993 lm, 150 lm/w)
LED-920-60 (20w, 60°, 90+CRI, 3,019 lm, 151 lm/w)
LED-920-90 (20w, 90°, 90+CRI, 3,112 lm, 156 lm/w)

LED-926-35 (26w, 35°, 90+CRI, 3,868 lm, 149 lm/w)
LED-926-45 (26w, 45°, 90+CRI, 3,813 lm, 147 lm/w)
LED-926-60 (26w, 60°, 90+CRI, 3,871 lm, 149 lm/w)
LED-926-90 (26w, 90°, 90+CRI, 3,985 lm, 153 lm/w)

LED-929-35 (29w, 35°, 90+CRI, 4,264 lm, 147 lm/w)
LED-929-45 (29w, 45°, 90+CRI, 4,190 lm, 144 lm/w)
LED-929-60 (29w, 60°, 90+CRI, 4,272 lm, 147 lm/w)
LED-929-90 (29w, 90°, 90+CRI, 4,406 lm, 152 lm/w)

LED-932-35 (32w, 35°, 90+CRI, 4,645 lm, 145 lm/w)
LED-932-45 (32w, 45°, 90+CRI, 4,575 lm, 143 lm/w)
LED-932-60 (32w, 60°, 90+CRI, 4,652 lm, 145 lm/w)
LED-932-90 (32w, 90°, 90+CRI, 4,819 lm, 151 lm/w)

LED-935-35 (35w, 35°, 90+CRI, 5,034 lm, 144 lm/w)
LED-935-45 (35w, 45°, 90+CRI, 4,986 lm, 142 lm/w)
LED-935-60 (35w, 60°, 90+CRI, 5,095 lm, 146 lm/w)
LED-935-90 (35w, 90°, 90+CRI, 5,224 lm, 149 lm/w)

LED legacy light source replacements



Modular Multiples® Linears® Series, two 12 watt LEDmodules, 2700ºK, aluminum housing, drivers/transformers incorporated, rectangular aperture,trimmed, Lutron Athena Wireless Node-whiteconfiguration shown. Other configurations available.

LED-507, LED-508, LED-510, LED-511, LED-5125-7/16"
7" (min.)
178mm (min.)
LED-712, LED-714, LED-716, LED-7206-11/16"
7” (min.)
178mm (min.)
LED-920, LED-926, LED-929, LED-932, LED-9356-15/16"
8” (min.)
203mm (min.)
Above measurements shown with 45º of adjustability. Certain driver options may alter housing dimensions. Contact factory for more details.
BNY Mellon Client Service Center Building

Modular Multiples® Linears Series fixture installation. Other configurations available.