Linears® Recessed Trimmed Three Lamp


Modular Multiples® Linears® Series, three PAR38 LED lamps spaced ~40″ on center, recessed extruded aluminum black housing, rectangular aperture, white trimmed configuration shown. Other configurations available. (patent #6,234,644)

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  • Lamps spaced 6” on center or greater
  • Lamp size determines minimum width, maximum width is unrestricted
  • Articulated arms (optional) increase flexibility of orientation or hide lamp source
  • Available in symmetric and asymmetric configurations
  • Uses all LED modules and legacy lamp sources


  • Extruded aluminum profile with a series of internal steel plates – single lengths up to 10’
  • Connection hardware available for joining multiple pieces to make longer continual lengths
  • Available with extruded aluminum trim or trimless housing with spackle flange
  •  90° and 45° corner sections available


  • Powder coated – white or black standard
  • Custom colors available
  • Stainless steel / satin nickel available


  • Internal electronic power supply(s) / transformer(s) / ballast(s) accessible through the aperture of the fi xture
  • Dimmable (not applicable on HID products)
  • One power supply / transformer per lamp allowing for multi-circuit wiring
  • 120v and 277v available
  • Listed to UL1598 standards


  • Fixture is designed to be supported from above with 3/8” (9mm) all-thread rods.
  • Access plates for all thread attachment are positioned throughout the fixture body based on fixture length and lamp spacing allowing for access from below.
  • In addition to the all thread rods, the Trimless models have a spackle flange that will allow for fixture to be secured to surrounding ceiling or wall structure via screws and flange covered with spackling compound for a smooth finished appearance.


  • Patented die-cast aluminum ring sets and locking devices
  • Pull down yokes
  • Shielding cones
  • Filter media
    • LED modules accept one 1/8″ thick filter
    • LED direct replacement and legacy lamps accept up to two 1/8″ thick filters

Download PDF for fixture option details


Standard LED Modules:

  • LED-506-6 (337 Lumens, 6w, 6° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-512-12 (591 Lumens, 12w, 12° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-512-22 (646 Lumens, 12w, 22° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-708-6 (433 Lumens, 8w, 6° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-714-12 (1189 Lumens, 14w, 12° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-714-22 (1160 Lumens, 14w, 22° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-716-12 (1485 Lumens, 16w, 12° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-716-22 (1406 Lumens, 16w, 22° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-716-45 (1351 Lumens, 16w, 45° optics, 2700°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-930-12 (2003 Lumens, 30w, 12° optics, 3000°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-930-22 (2119 Lumens, 30w, 22° optics, 3000°K, 95 CRI)
  • LED-930-45 (2328 Lumens, 30w, 45° optics, 3000°K, 95 CRI)

Direct Replacement LED or Legacy Lamps:

  • -BLD (MR16 LED)
  • -B (MR16 HALOGEN)
  • -BH (MR16 CMH)
  • -DLD (AR111 LED)
  • -D (AR111 HALOGEN)
  • -S (CDMR111)
  • -GLD (PAR30 LED)
  • -G (PAR30)
  • -H (PAR30 HID)
  • -JLD (PAR38 LED)
  • -J (PAR38)
  • -K (PAR38 HID)
ML3(JLD)2PV-REC-TR(1 – color of trim)-96”(length)
LED/306-15/16" (176mm)7-13/16" (198mm)6-1/4" (159mm)25/32" (20mm)Min.: 7" (178mm)
LED506, 513 / MR16LED / MR164-5/8" (118mm)7-13/16" (198mm)3-7/8" (99mm)1-1/2" (38mm)Min.: 6" (152mm)
LED708, 714, 716, 930 /
AR111LED / AR111
8-1/2" (216mm)7-13/16" (198mm)7-3/4" (197mm)1-1/2" (38mm)Min.: 9" (229mm)
PAR38LED / PAR388-1/2" (216mm)7-13/16" (198mm)7-3/4" (197mm)23/32" (18mm)Min.: 12" (305mm)
Calvin Klein, Glendale CA

Modular Multiples® Linears Series fixture installation. Other configurations available.