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Introducing Dim-to-Warm LED Modules

Modular International, Inc., has launched a series of Dim-to-Warm LED modules following the successful release of their award winning high output and efficiency579e static white LED modules back in February of this year. The newly released Dim-to-Warm LED modules provide 1800K-3000K color tuning as the LED modules are dimmed down. This simulates incandescent dimming preformed with older style lamps only with the modern LED technology. These new Dim-to-Warm modules provide a wide range of delivered lumen outputs and are being offered in the same 50mm, 70mm and 90mm sizes as the award winning 579e modules.

The new Dim-to-Warm LED modules have a range of 7-40 watts, available beam angles from 17-90 degrees, 394-3,449 delivered lumens, with 57-93 lm/w efficiencies with exceptional R9 values. Modular International has provided testing data for the Dim-to-Warm module series at 90 CRI with delivered lumen packages measured at 3000K.

Dim-to-Warm modules can be used within any of Modular International’s line of Modular Multiples® fixtures. This includesApertures, Linears, and Trimless or Trimmed retrofit fixtures for lighting upgrades to preexisting spaces or for new construction applications. This is a perfect fit for residential applications as well as for the hospitality and retail industries among others.

The Dim-to-Warm LED modules offer filter rings and shielding cylinders which can hold up to two 1/8” filter media for a more focused and balanced lighting performance. With its comprehensive product line, and the ability to customize to meet nearly any ceiling condition, Modular International is well-positioned to continue as a leader in helping lighting professionals achieve brilliant results.

Founded in 1987, Modular International Inc. is the premier source for innovative architectural lighting solutions, producing a broad spectrum of products for interior and exterior applications. In its 36-year history, Modular has held more than 40 patents and trademarks. 

The company will showcase the new Dim-to-Warm LED Modules at the upcoming IES Annual Conference in Chicago in August 2023. The Dim-to-warm and 579e modules were previously shown at Lightfair in May, and AIA’s Conference on Architecture in June 2023.

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