Irwin Talks Competitors

We are still celebrating 35 years of Modular International, Inc.! Enjoy a recent story about the competition from our President and Founder Irwin Kotovsky,  

Importance of Task Lighting

It’s time to head back to school! Have you considered how good task lighting can help extend reading and study time? The most important lighting as far as your eyes go, would be task lighting. Lighting for a room is good, but if you’re looking to read something or do something in your hands, task […]

How to Read a Photometric Chart

What are the elements that make up a photometric chart?: Modular International offers a wide variety of LED modules to select from for Modular Multiples®, outdoor lighting and custom engineered lighting fixtures. In this video we will discuss how to read and understand the information displayed on a Photometric chart when selecting the right LED […]

Specifying a Lighting Fixture

How do I specify a lighting fixture?: There are many conditions on the interior of a built environment that require special considerations before you can specify lighting fixtures, but when that time comes, here are a few tips that can help make that decision easier. Modular International was the original developer of the multiple lamp […]

Dan McDowell

Dan McDowell of LaQuatra Bonci Associates

Modular International has worked on multiple installations with LaQuatra Bonci Associates including the I-579 Cap Project. Dan McDowell started as Landscape Architect with them in 2006. LaQuatra Bonci Associates was established in 1984 by Jack LaQuatra and Fred Bonci. The firm has designed a variety of spaces including intimate garden, public gathering, mixed, and retail […]