Dan McDowell

Dan McDowell of LaQuatra Bonci Associates

Modular International has worked on multiple installations with LaQuatra Bonci Associates including the I-579 Cap Project. Dan McDowell started as Landscape Architect with them in 2006. LaQuatra Bonci Associates was established in 1984 by Jack LaQuatra and Fred Bonci. The firm has designed a variety of spaces including intimate garden, public gathering, mixed, and retail […]

Dark Sky Ordinance with Pete Strasser, Technical Director www.DarkSky.org

Pittsburgh may be the largest municipality to put a Dark Sky Ordinance in place. Other communities can point to Pittsburgh and say, it can happen. With the switch to LED, communities are learning they are over lighting. In Tucson, who has had a light ordinance since 1974, they reduced the wattage of street lights which […]

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald Discusses Frankie Pace Park, Part of the I-579 Cap Project

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald talks about the Frankie Pace Park, part of the I-579 Cap Project. The park reconnects the Hill District to downtown Pittsburgh. This is part of the redevelopment of the Lower Hill District and includes a beautiful green space which welcomes families and friends spend time outdoors together. Read more about […]

Women’s Month

Our Director of Marketing Tracy Kosylo, would like to acknowledge all the many women in the various levels of the lighting world, for helping shape our industry to where we are today. Whether they’re a lighting designer, engineer, architect, or on the manufacturing and construction side, they’ve all made names for themselves. She has learned […]

Industry Profile: Minako Koyama

Our Marketing Manager, Tracy Kosylo, sat down with┬áMinako Koyama, an associate at Arc Light Design to discuss her career and who inspired her during her career. Minako has been a lighting designer in the New York City area for over 25 years. She credits her long career to learning by doing and collaborating with industry […]