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Specifying a Lighting Fixture

How do I specify a lighting fixture?: There are many conditions on the interior of a built environment that require special considerations before you can specify lighting fixtures, but when that time comes, here are a few tips that can help make that decision easier.

Modular International was the original developer of the multiple lamp lighting fixtures better known as “Multiples” back in the mid 1980’s. “Apertures®” is one of our exclusive fixtures in the Modular Multiples® series and we’ll use this fixture as an example for how to specify a lighting fixture in this video.

  • Configurations: Apertures® fixtures are shipped fully assembled and are designed for ease of installation and labor saving upfront. All of our Modular Multiples® fixtures offer 1, 2, 3 & 4 light configurations standard with  Apertures® fixtures, offering either round, square or rectangular aperture opening precut into the attached flame retardant MDF ceiling panel.
  • Fixture Optional Accessories: Our line of Modular Multiples® offers a wide range of optional accessories for all of our lighting fixtures including, pull down yokes, patented locking device for the ring sets, filter media and shielding options.
  • Finishes: Standard finishes for Apertures® fixtures include white and black for the housing and ring sets, with stainless steel, satin nickel and other custom RAL colors available upon request. The flame retardant MDF ceiling panel is provided with a white primer finish.
  • Electrical Specifications: What makes Modular Multiples® so easy? – It’s their design! All drivers are accessible through the aperture of the fixtures with one driver per module allowing for multi-circuit wiring. Dimming capabilities: Phase or 0-10V.  120v and 277v availability with higher voltages available upon request. ETL listed to both US and Canadian standards (Conforms to UL 1598 standards and CSA C22.2 NO.250.0 standards.)
  • Light Sources: With all Modular Multiples® fixtures, Modular International offers a wide range of LED modules with beam angles from 6°- 45°, 6w – 30w and 337 – 2328 Lumens with a CRI rating of 95+ per module. Kevin Temperatures from 2700°K – 3000°K (options available upon request)
  • Final Formula: So, when constructing the final formula for specifying Apertures® fixtures it should go something like this:
    • Quantity
    • MAS = Modular Apertures Series
    • 3 = # of Lamps (1-4 light standard – consult Modular Int. for custom counts)
    • LED-930-45 = Light Source (see Standard LED Module List)
      • For Direct Replacement lamps and legacy lamps consult our Overview Brochure or Modular Int. directly.
    • (1) = White, (2) = Black, (6) = Stainless Steel, (X) = Custom Finish Color
    • (TI) = Transformer Included or (PV) = Primary Voltage
    • (RD) = Round, (SQ) = Square, (REC) = Rectangular Aperture configuration
    • Dimming type (Phase or 0-10V)

In summary, here is the completed final formula for our newly specified Apertures® fixture: MAS-3-LED-930-45-2-TI-RD