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Modular International Inc. Closes 2023 with Sixth Industry Award 

As 2023 comes to an end, Modular International, Inc. adds a sixth industry award for the 579e LED modules. This final industry award from LpS Digital which integrated AI software, along with a traditional judging process, to assess and recognize industry submissions as advancements within the lighting industry. 

Modular International was selected for the sustainability award in the category of lighting modules based on the energy efficiencies and the outputs that the 579e modules produce. Modular International was recognized by the judging panel for its continuing efforts in utilizing domestically sourced raw materials, small collective carbon footprint for fixture production, and utilization of a cradle-to-cradle market approach for all fixture materials keeping recyclability in the forefront of design. 

On top of Modular International’s sustainability efforts, the 579e modules can be used in Trimless or Trimmed TA fixtures for retrofitting preexisting spaces with little initial cost and huge energy savings moving forward.  This means that building developers, new business owners, and homeowners looking for lighting upgrades, do not have to accrue demolition costs for the ceilings.  Modular International would build fixtures to fit inside the pre-existing cuts in the ceiling material, or customize a lighting solution to accommodate the projects specific requirements.

“Builders, business owners, and homeowners will be able to lower their energy usage while increasing savings annually because of the high efficiencies that the 579e modules deliver. This payback will come in a shorter period of time than other lighting options available in the market, allowing these clients to recoup their initial investment quicker while providing a higher quality product for years to come.” said Modular International’s Vice President of Business Development, Tony Madonna. 

“What sets the 579e modules apart is their ability to deliver high-quality color rendering (90+ CRI) with exceptional energy efficiency. The modules’ advanced design, featuring a double gimbal ring assembly for adjustability and rotation, and a range of color temperatures (2,700-4,000K), makes them versatile for diverse applications. Modular International’s commitment to innovation is evident in these modules’ integration into an extensive range of product combinations, ensuring compatibility and adaptability in various settings.” Judging summary as mentioned on the LpS Award page.

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Founded in 1986, Modular International offers a comprehensive product line and has the ability to customize to customers’ needs, helping lighting professionals achieve brilliant results.  Modular International created the original multiple lamp fixture concept and continues to be a pioneer in the movement to LED commercial lighting in the United States. Modular International provides the world’s leading architects, interior designers, and lighting consultants with the means to express lighting innovations with beauty, efficiency, flexibility, and performance.