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Same Year. Same Innovative Product. Fifth Award for the 579e Module.

With a record-breaking number of submissions for this year’s Product Innovation Awards (PIA), Architectural Products announces Modular International Inc. as one of its honorees for their 579e LED modules. While nearly 80 products illustrated impressive innovations, winning products spanned a variety of categories including lighting, decorative metal, cladding, glass, photovoltaics, safety and security, acoustics and more.

This esteemed award marks the fifth for Modular International Inc. this year with its entry having been judged within the categories of form, functionality, sustainability.

“Now that the year is wrapping up, we can unequivocally say that the industry has embraced the 579e modules and Modular International, Inc. for it its achievements in lighting technology,” said Modular International’s Vice President of Business Development, Tony Madonna. 

Modular International is in the forefront of the movement toward sustainable commercial and residential lighting solutions in the United States and globally. Modular’s 579e LED modules offer industry leading energy efficiency in a compact and cost-effective lighting package. 

The 579e modules are offered in 50mm, 70mm, and 90mm diameters while providing superior quality light at a significantly lower cost for commercial and residential applications.  The 579e modules can integrate into roughly 39,000+ standard product combinations within the Modular Multiples® family of fixtures.   

The real stats: 

  • The 579e modules give the delivered lumen performances of an 80+ CRI product with superior color rendering over standard 90+ CRI products. 
  • Modular International offers six main product families within its portfolio of Modular Multiples® fixtures, allowing the 579e modules to integrate into 39,000+ possible product combinations ranging from adjustable & fixed, new construction and retrofit downlights, recessed or surface mounted multiples, cylinders, and custom engineered lighting solutions. 
  • The 579e modules are also customizable with field changeable reflectors for onsite aiming and adjustment. 
  • With the addition of filter rings and shielding cylinders to reduce glare, you can select up to two 1/8-inch-thick filter media for each 579e module for better light distribution and control.

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