Linears® Surface U59 HO PD LED Profile

Aluminum extruded linear profile, white, black or aluminum powder coated finish, with opal polycarbonate diffuser. Non-dimming driver standard, consult factory for dimmable driver options. Available in 2700ºk, 3000ºk or 4000ºk color temperatures.

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Linear compositions can be created with various lengths, corners, and number of fixtures.


  • Aluminum extruded linear profile
  • Opal polycarbonate diffuser


  • Aluminum (standard finish)
  • White or black powder coated finish
  • Custom colors available, consult factory


  • 110-240v
  • Driver incorporated
  • Non-dimming driver standard
  • Dimming drivers optional. Consult factory for availability.


Ceiling, wall, pendant or cable mounted



  • Dimmable drivers. Consult factory for availability
  • 90° corner
  • 180° straight connector
  • Suspension cable 5′ (1.6m)
  • Suspension cable 20′ (6.0m)


  • See table in Diagrams tab
  • L70 rated: ~58,000 hours
Linears® U59 HO PD LED Surface Profile
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-27-1685- x5’6” (1685mm)2700°K73w8340 lm131 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-27-1404- x4’7” (1404mm)2700°K61w6950 lm131 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-27-1123- x3’8” (1123mm)2700°K49w5560 lm131 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-27-0842- x2’9” (842mm)2700°K37w4170 lm131 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-27-0562- x1’10” (562mm)2700°K25w2780 lm131 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-30-1685- x5’6” (1685mm)3000°K79w9300 lm135 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-30-1404- x4’7” (1404mm)3000°K66w7750 lm135 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-30-1123- x3’8” (1123mm)3000°K53w6200 lm135 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-30-0842- x2’9” (842mm)3000°K40w4650 lm135 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-30-0562- x1’10” (562mm)3000°K26w3100 lm135 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-40-1685- x5’6” (1685mm)4000°K79w9600 lm140 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-40-1404- x4’7” (1404mm)4000°K66w8000 lm140 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-40-1123- x3’8” (1123mm)4000°K53w6400 lm140 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-40-0842- x2’9” (842mm)4000°K40w4800 lm140 lm/w80+
#MODLSP-U59-HO-PD-40-0562- x1’10” (562mm)4000°K26w3200 lm140 lm/w80+
Linears® Series LED Surface Profiles

Modular Multiples® Linears® Series surface fixtures installation. Other configurations available.