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Modular International’s Converter™ is elevating the dining experience. 

Converter fixture with anodized silver (RAL9006) panels in downlight position

Converter fixture with anodized silver (RAL9006) panels in downlight position

Converter™ is revolutionizing lighting in restaurants, bakeries, kitchens, and other sectors of the hospitality industry.

Converter™ is equipped with Bluetooth app controlled Correlated Color Temperature or “CCT” tuning and dimming that can be used to enrich colors and tones for food products in a restaurant or bakery environment. Converter™ is a pendant mounted lighting fixture that can be used for overhead table lighting in restaurants to overhead desk lighting for hotels, home offices, or kitchen islands. Also, in study areas at colleges and universities, cubicles for corporate offices, and so much more. 

With motorized reflectors, CCT tunning from 2700K-5000K and 0-100% dimming control, Converter™ gives the individual user unprecedented control over their own personal environment. When was the last time you were at a restaurant and could control the position of your overhead lighting, intensity, and let alone your own CCT?

Imagine going to your favorite steakhouse and sitting down at a nice corner booth in the back of the restaurant with your significant other (leave those kids or fur babies at home) and being able to control the lighting to set your own mood throughout the meal.

You could start off with some drinks – Converter™ will allow the individual to dial in any Kelvin temperature or CCT from 2700 to 5000 Kelvin. Select 3000 Kelvin to highlight that neat two fingers of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select  you just ordered (old blue eyes would be proud) or a tall glass of Malbec or Shiraz. Selecting 3000K will allow the amber hues from the whiskey and deep red tones from the wine to shine.

Let’s not forget about filling up on bread before dinner comes – We all do it, don’t kid yourself. That 3000K that was highlighting your drinks a moment prior, shifting to a cutting board of warm bread and butter being strategically place right in front of you, stimulating your appetite so you order more and eat less. 

Breads and cheeses look fresher under warmer Kelvin temperatures such as 2700 to 3000 Kelvin and be sure to avoid whiter light which can make breads appear too brown and unrealistic. Wait, what if I want a salad? No problem, 3000 Kelvin is still perfect for making sure those rich veggie tones don’t go unnoticed in your house salad. 

However, once those perfectly marbled and tender 6-8-10oz (or the ambitious 12oz) fillets makes their way to the table, you know what rich color you are expecting once you dive in. 2700 to 3000 Kelvin would be the perfect CCT for warm tones to make that 135°F for medium-rare fillet pop. 

The lower the Kelvin values is, the redder or warmer the light will be and, on the contrast, the higher the Kelvin value is, the cooler or bluer the light will appear. As referenced in the above example, cool white light which contains more blue wavelengths, would make that perfectly marbled steak appear discolored and unappealing under the wrong Kelvin temperature.

If you don’t feel like ordering a steak but would rather order fish, depending on what color the fish fillet is (red vs white meat) you can go in either direction with your Kelvin temperature with Converter™. Traditional white meat fish such as tilapia, cod, grouper, haddock and swordfish would be perfectly featured under a cooler white light as 4200 to 5000 Kelvin whereas redder fish fillet such as salmon, red snapper and tuna, would be better suited under a warmer light around 3000 Kelvin.

Do we still have room for dessert? – Not that you haven’t eaten enough up to this point, but you can always look at a menu.

Depending on the selection of fine sugary items at your fingertips, like the bread and butter from earlier, 3000 Kelvin is perfect for pastries, donuts or a warm chocolate chip cookie like mom used to make. However, cooler tones will bring out those vibrant colors common to fancy cakes and fruit tarts.

Converter™ offers so much in such a compact package and is the perfect fixture for any intimate space where you are looking for individual control. Check out Converter™ on our website or stop by our booth at LightFair in Las Vegas and AIA in Chicago this June. Or if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, make an appointment to visit our showroom. Follow Modular International on social media to stay up to date with our newest installations, innovative products, and what is happening behind the scenes.