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Our Founder Irwin Kotovsky Sends Coins to Washington Ahead of National Immigration Day

On October 11th, our Founder and President Irwin Kotovsky and Modular International staff, packaged over 500 half dollar coins to send to each US Representative and Senator. The coins were minted in 1987 to celebrate the 100 year birthday of the Statue of Liberty. Irwin wants to it reminds legislators that immigrants are what made the United States into the country it is today. We hope the coins arrive in time for National Immigration Day on October 28th.

Read Irwin’s full letter:

On National Immigrants Day, October 28, I hope you share my pride in belonging to a nation that has welcomed countless immigrants, granting them opportunities to apply their talents to the building of the culture and economy of the United States.

The enclosed half-dollar coin honors the 100th birthday of the iconic Statue of Liberty, a gift in 1886 from France to the United States of America. It has been sent to you — and to each one of your Congressional colleagues — as my way of expressing gratitude for the welcome given my foreign-born parents nearly a century ago. Because they found shelter in America, I and other American-born children of immigrants could build prosperous futures for ourselves and for our country.

Modular International, Inc., a premier source of innovative architectural lighting, that could only have been realized in America. All of the talented men and women in our Pittsburgh-based company are sons, daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of immigrants to this city, which is famously powered by ethnic diversity.

The Statue of Liberty coin, with its timely inscription, “A Nation of Immigrants,” is meant to be a symbol of appreciation for your devotion to our country’s values. You and your colleagues are entrusted with the hopes of all those born here and abroad who now work eagerly to preserve and expand the freedoms that are the core of the American dream. On National Immigrants Day and every day, I take pride in thanking you for the work you do to help those dreams come true.


Irwin Kotovsky


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