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A Look Back at Build PGH

From the bright lights of Broadway to the Motor City, Modular International INC has spent the early part of the year traveling across the country showcasing the state-of-the-art 579e. The 579e series of LED modules achieves industry leading energy efficiency across a wide range of lumen outputs and is being offered in 50mm, 70mm and 90mm sizes. 

Recently, Modular International had the opportunity to play with home field advantage. The 2024 Build PGH event hosted at the Pittsburgh Carpenters Training Center, showcased the best of the Steel City’s building trades, architectural design, and lighting solutions. 

“We look forward to participating in this show every year and connecting with our local design community. The high delivered lumen outputs and energy efficiency of the 579e modules was one of the talking points of the show.” said Tony Madonna, VP of Business Development at MI. 

While the miles will always add up for Modular International, showcasing the cutting-edge work happening in our hometown will always be a highlight. 

You can learn more about the 579e LED here.