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Be a MIP at AIA

From Denver to Detroit, New York City to Pittsburgh, Modular International has racked up the miles this spring showcasing the best and brightest products to the lighting industry. 

Suitcases will be repacked soon as MI heads to one of the biggest events of the year, AIA’s Conference on Architecture ‘24. Modular International products featuring the industry leading and multi-award-winning, 579e LED modules will be on display in the nation’s capital this June. 

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the largest, most influential network of architects and design professionals. That’s 98,000+ members who share a passion for design, a desire to change the world, and a commitment to the highest standards of practice. 

This year, you can join us at AIA’s Conference on Architecture ‘24 and be an MIP, a Modular Important Person. Receive a free pass to the event when using the code AIA24EXHGUEST. Register now for the June event here

Modular International’s 579e line of high efficacy and high output LED modules achieves industry leading lumen/watt efficiency across a wide range of delivered lumen packages in 50mm, 70mm and 90mm diameters. 

Developed by Modular International in response to the needs of lighting professionals seeking an energy efficient lighting product that can achieve high delivered lumen levels at lower wattages and high CRI for a reasonable price. 

The 579e modules can be used in 98% of Modular Internationals standard product offerings covering 24+ Million possible product combinations with universal voltage and 347V available.

The smallest of the 579e modules, the 50mm module offers a 17, 30, 40 and 55 degree beam angle, 6-12 watts, 744-1,582 delivered lumens, 117-139 lm/w tested at 2700K and 90+ CRI (R9 value >77). 

The superior mid-range choice, the 70mm 579e module offers a 20, 30, 40 or 55 degree beam angle, 12-20 watts, 1,652-2,897 delivered lumens, 126-146 lm/w tested at 2700K and 90+ CRI (R9 value >83). 

The most efficient in its class, the 90mm 579e module offers a 35, 45, 60 or 90 degree beam angle, 20-35 watts, 2,993-5,224 delivered lumens, 142-156 lm/w tested at 2700K and 90+ CRI (R9 value >82). 

Dimming options for the 579e modules include: (Phase (1%), 0-10V (1%, 0.1%), Lutron Ecosystem drivers and Athena Wireless Node compatibility, DALI-2 (Type6) (1%, 0.1%), D4i, and DMX (0.1%). The 579e LED modules yield a >55,000-hour lumen maintenance lifespan and run at nominal milliamperages and below.

“What sets the 579e modules apart is their ability to deliver high-quality color rendering (90+ CRI) with exceptional energy efficiency. The modules’ advanced design, featuring a double gimbal ring assembly for adjustability and rotation, and a range of color temperatures (2700K-4000K), makes them versatile for diverse applications. Modular International’s commitment to innovation is evident in these modules’ integration into an extensive range of product combinations, ensuring compatibility and adaptability in various settings.” Judging summary as mentioned on the LpS Digital Award page.

Modular International has been recognized over its 36 years in operation for its continuing efforts in utilizing domestically sourced raw materials, small collective carbon footprint for fixture production, and utilization of a cradle-to-cradle market approach for all fixture materials keeping recyclability in the forefront of design. 

For more information, visit or call 412.734.9000.