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Modular Highlights Hampton High School Install

Modular International had the opportunity to work locally with Hampton High School in Allison Park, PA, to include our Trimmed Linears® fixtures to the newest school addition.

The project utilized our Trimmed Linears® fixtures in lengths of 10 ft and 16 ft to fit their space. Incorporated with our LED930 modules producing ~2500 delivered lumens at 3500° kelvin and 95+ CRI per module.

Hampton High School

The fixtures are located just outside of Hampton High School’s new innovative library center, offering a creative space where students are able to collaborate on projects, or take a moment between classes to relax among their peers. Modular International’s Trimmed Linears® fixtures s are an appropriate fit for this area because of the LED-930 modules offering energy efficiency and pleasing illuminance with a mixture or natural and artificial light in the space giving more of a “relaxed overall feel.” While touring the school to see the final project, Modular International’s Business Development Manager, Tony Madonna, explained the lighting’s flexibility.

 “Modular International’s Trimmed Linears® provide 45 degrees of adjustability for each LED module used within the body of the fixtures, which allows each LED module to be aimed differently to provide illumination where necessary throughout the library café and hallways, “ he said. “Custom spacing for the placement of the individual LED modules allows for more flexibility in design of the finish space.”

 Used within acoustical drop ceiling clouds, the Trimmed Linears® fixtures can integrate in many different ceiling types including drywall, wood plank & slat, as well as T-Grid to name a few. In addition, Trimmed Linear® fixtures offer multi-circuit wiring and the ability to customize standard configurations to include HVAC systems, sprinklers and speaker options directly into the fixtures.

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