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Modular International + Lutron Athena Wireless Node

Exceptional collaboration with the world’s leading architects, interior designers and lighting consultants leads to the realization of lighting solutions of beauty, efficiency, flexibility, and performance. Modular International is proud to introduce the latest in-fixture innovation from Lutron, the Athena wireless node.

Lutron is known for creating energy efficient light controls. This wireless node is a radio frequency (RF) device which enables simple, digital control of individual light fixtures in an Athena control system. With its small form factor, and compatibility with a wide variety of drivers, expect seamless integration with common commercial lighting fixtures from any manufacturer allowing quick and easy updates to current lighting configurations.

The Athena wireless node utilizes the Lutron Clear Connect Type X RF communication gateway and works with both Tunable White (via D4i or DALI-2 certified Type 8 LED drivers) and for Static White applications (via DALI-2 certified drivers or ANSI C137.1 compliant 0-10V LED drivers). 

A Lutron Clear Connect Type X gateway is required to operate an Athena wireless node-controlled lighting fixture within an Athena control system, via an iOS® or Android® compatible app. This will allow fixtures with integrated Athena wireless nodes to be controlled by other Lutron wall controls, keypads, sensors, Pico remote controls and more.

Available in either a black or white finish, an Athena wireless node seamlessly integrates into the fixture design with little or no visual impact. Running off a 2.4GHz band, the Athena wireless node can communicate with other Athena wireless nodes, or Lutron wireless devices within the Clear Connect – Type X gateway where a wireless mesh network “connects” fixtures spaced no further than 25 feet (7.62m) apart from one another. 

Lutron’s Athena wireless node is a perfect in-fixture option for new construction, as well as retro-fit applications for pre-existing spaces, to give a modern upgrade and continuous support. For commercial construction, this eliminates the need for costly overhauls, making upgrades and modernizations to historic buildings easier than ever.

Unlike other lighting fixtures in the market, Modular International’s line of Modular Multiples® allows for Athena wireless nodes to be serviceable through the aperture opening of the fixture. This allows for better performance and longevity without the need for added accessibility and plenum depth above the ceiling. Athena wireless nodes can be seamlessly integrated into Apertures®Linears®TrimlessTrimmedSurfaceBoomerang and Grid fixtures allowing wireless connectivity across all ceiling and mounting conditions. 

Please contact Modular International for more information on in-fixture integration with Lutron Athena wireless nodes, KETRA lamps, and other Lutron technology for your next project. Modular International is a Lutron registered OEM and offers fixture integration within Lutron’s platform of residential and commercial whole building systems. Follow Modular International on all of our social media platforms and stay up to date on all upcoming releases and product innovations on our blog or at