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Modular International Redefines the Expectations for Architectural Quality Lighting Fixtures with Converter™

Converter fixture with anodized silver (RAL9006) panels in downlight position

Converter™ will revolutionize lighting in the medical, higher education, hospitality, and corporate building sectors.

Modular International’s latest innovation, Converter™, a cable mount fixture which offers numerous customization options in a single unit with applications in the medical, higher education, hospitality, corporate building sectors, and residential market. Converter™ offers architects, engineers, and lighting designers the ability to have uplighting, downlighting, or any combination in between.  It includes motorized reflectors, independent or synchronized CCT tuning (from 2700K-5000K and 0-100% dimming) with an integrated 48V DC constant voltage driver, all controlled within a simple application for android devices. Offered with aluminum or acrylic side panels, in a variety of finishes, Converter™ will seamlessly integrate into your next project.

A doctor, dentist, or any medical professional’s office should have lighting that is bright enough to allow staff to properly evaluate the patient, but that level of brightness has also been shown to cause unnecessary stress for the patient. Studies have shown natural light levels can eliminate that added anxiety for both the patients and staff.  Converter™ features independent or synchronized lighting color and intensity controls, which allows staff to easily adjust the lighting using the app throughout the patient’s visit to decrease stress.

In a commercial office environment, you can decrease employee stress by implementing lighting that mimics circadian, or natural lighting processes, throughout the day. Converter™’s ability to provide tunable lighting outputs and customizable reflector positions at your employee’s fingers can help improve wellbeing and productivity during business hours. High end residential buildings trying to maximize the use of natural lighting can offer their tenants adjustable options that keep them comfortable throughout the day. Residential lighting has become even more important as more and more companies are offering work from home options. Restaurants can change the lighting to highlight their culinary masterpieces.

Historically known for the development of the original multiple lamp family of fixtures, “Modular Multiples®”, Modular International has a comprehensive portfolio of interior and exterior fixtures available to meet your project requirements.

•      Architectural Plug-In System: Mix-and-matched components to create elegant, flawless lighting solutions for both commercial and residential applications.

•      Custom Designed Exterior Lighting Solutions: Create distinctive, dramatically illuminated exterior spaces.

•      The ability to offer multiples fixtures with an unlimited range of customization and application opportunities from standard recessed drywall, wood ceiling, concrete pour housings, IC rated, and airtight housings with sealed gasketed lenses for high moisture environments our multiples go further.

•      Rigorous manufacturing standards and domestically sourced materials to provide the perfect palette for lighting professionals.

•      A long history of exceptional collaboration with the world’s leading architects, lighting designers and engineers to meet even the most demanding of project requirements.