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Modular International Inc. is Celebrating 35 Years in the Lighting Industry

From Pittsburgh to Paris, we have created custom lighting solutions for clients around the world. We’ve revolutionized lighting with innovative fixtures such as our Modular Multiples® and most recently, ConverterTM. Over the last 35-years, we have held 13 various trademarks and 29 patents. Our reputation for innovative lighting is well earned. Whether it’s recreating a historic 1926 pylon fixture or illuminating a museum, retail store, campus, or home, we are grateful for the opportunities to bring our clients dreams to life. Over the last 35 years, we have collaborated with some of world’s leading architects, interior designers, and lighting consultants.

We invite you to celebrate our 35 years of lighting history along with us, as we share milestone moments, highlight partnerships, and more on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.