Specifying a Lighting Fixture

How do I specify a lighting fixture?: There are many conditions on the interior of a built environment that require special considerations before you can specify lighting fixtures, but when that time comes, here are a few tips that can help make that decision easier. Modular International was the original developer of the multiple lamp […]

Modular International Inc. is Celebrating 35 Years in the Lighting Industry

From Pittsburgh to Paris, we have created custom lighting solutions for clients around the world. We’ve revolutionized lighting with innovative fixtures such as our Modular Multiples® and most recently, ConverterTM. Over the last 35-years, we have held 13 various trademarks and 29 patents. Our reputation for innovative lighting is well earned. Whether it’s recreating a […]

Converter fixture with anodized silver (RAL9006) panels in downlight position

Modular International’s Converter™ is elevating the dining experience. 

Converter™ is revolutionizing lighting in restaurants, bakeries, kitchens, and other sectors of the hospitality industry. Converter™ is equipped with Bluetooth app controlled Correlated Color Temperature or “CCT” tuning and dimming that can be used to enrich colors and tones for food products in a restaurant or bakery environment. Converter™ is a pendant mounted lighting fixture […]

Dan McDowell

Dan McDowell of LaQuatra Bonci Associates

Modular International has worked on multiple installations with LaQuatra Bonci Associates including the I-579 Cap Project. Dan McDowell started as Landscape Architect with them in 2006. LaQuatra Bonci Associates was established in 1984 by Jack LaQuatra and Fred Bonci. The firm has designed a variety of spaces including intimate garden, public gathering, mixed, and retail […]

Dark Sky Ordinance with Pete Strasser, Technical Director www.DarkSky.org

Pittsburgh may be the largest municipality to put a Dark Sky Ordinance in place. Other communities can point to Pittsburgh and say, it can happen. With the switch to LED, communities are learning they are over lighting. In Tucson, who has had a light ordinance since 1974, they reduced the wattage of street lights which […]